5 Best Aquarium Decorations For Goldfish

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The right aquarium decorations can really help make your Goldfish tank look great, these are what we feel are the 5 best and why.

Are you tired of looking at the same old goldfish tank that is bare of life and color? It might be time to look into some goldfish tank decorations.

There are a lot of cool and fun options out there but we have narrowed it down to these particular 5 that we think are the best aquarium decorations for Goldfish (this diver with hose one is our top pick).

Before we go through our picks we just quickly want to touch on the ideal environment for Goldfish as this is very important.

Ideal Tank Environment For Goldfish

goldfish tank decorations

Of course, when you get a goldfish, opposed to what some might think, you can’t just get a glass bowl, pour water in it, and then throw the fish in there. Goldfish do require some specific tank conditions to be happy and healthy, although they are nothing too extreme. Creating the right conditions and environment for a goldfish really is not all that hard (we have covered a detailed care guide here).

Did you know that a common goldfish should have a tank of 30 gallons in size which is 4 feet long, with roughly an extra 12 to 15 gallons for each additional goldfish?

Fancy goldfish need a little less, but still 20 gallons per fish. In terms of water temperatures, these guys are fine in waters between 68 and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, but can handle temperatures as low as 60 degrees. To be healthy, the pH level needs to be between 7.0 and 8.6, with 7.8 being the ideal.

5 Best Aquarium Decorations For Goldfish Tanks

Now onto our top 5 picks, again there are a lot of cool options but these are just our personal 5 favorites for Goldfish tanks.

1. Diver With Hose

This is neat little aquarium decoration to go with, one that looks like an old school diver, complete with that old timey mask, a treasure chest in hand, colorful base, and a cool looking hose too.

Now, if we are to talk about the coloration here, keep in mind that the Diver With Hose is hand painted, not machine painted. Moreover, the diver is made out of durable plastic which is not going to degrade in the water or leach chemicals into it, which can also be said for the pain.

This decoration is totally fine for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The diver is about 4 inches tall, so it should work just fine, even for a small goldfish tank, probably as a center piece.

Moreover, what you might really like is that the Diver With Hose actually has air bubbles coming out of the hose which helps to oxygenate the goldfish tank. Keep in mind that you do need an air pump here.


  • Safe for all aquariums.
  • Good for a small tank.
  • Oxygenates the tank.


  • Requires an air pump.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

2. Pirate Skeletons & Gold Treasure

This is another unique option to go with, a neon green skeleton sitting atop of the treasure chest he is guarding. He’s got a gold brick in hand, a skull at his side, and it all comes complete on a colorfully painted rock.

Yeah, it’s made of plastic, but it is more than durable enough for any fish tank. It’s made with safe materials which aren’t going to leach chemicals into the water or mess with water chemistry in the tank, and yes, this goes for the paint too.

It’s safe for fish tanks, and this goes for both saltwater and freshwater tanks. It’s a little big, close to 5 x 5 x 4 inches in size, but it should work fine for medium-small goldfish tanks. It might take up a bit too much space in a very small tank, but other than that it should work just fine.

The best part about this thing is that the ornament, mainly the skeleton moves, which is done by air power. Yes, this decoration also aerates the tank, plus it moves, but of course, it does require an air pump and tubing.


  • Safe for all fish tanks.
  • Has motion.
  • Aerates the tank.


  • Might be a little too big for very small tanks.
  • Requires tubing and an air pump.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

3. Baby Dinosaur Hatching Decoration

If you have a slightly larger goldfish tank, this is a nice decoration to keep in mind. Now, it’s not too wide, but it is nearly 7 inches tall, so you do need a decent size tank.

What’s really cool here is that with the use of an air pump, which is required for this decoration, the baby dinosaur does indeed look as though it is hatching out of its egg, which is set on top of a neat little rock and surrounded by some fairly realistic looking plants. The live action design of this thing is pretty neat no doubt, plus there is the fact that it helps keep the tank aerated so your goldfish can breathe easy.

Now, keep in mind that the Baby Dinosaur Hatching Decoration is not very heavy, so the base of it, or the rock the egg is on, needs to be covered by aquarium gravel in order to stay submerged.

With that being said, this decoration is made of durable materials which are safe for any aquarium. The pain used here is not soluble in water and won’t release any dangerous elements into the water either.


  • Live action.
  • Aerates the tank.
  • Great for medium/larger tanks.
  • Totally safe.


  • Will float if not held down.
  • Requires a fairly big tank.
  • Needs a pump and tubing – not included.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

4. Skeleton at the Wheel

This is another skeleton and pirate style decoration, here we have a skeleton which stands atop a wooden platform, at the wheel of a sailboat. Mind you, the whole sailboat is not included here, on the skeleton, the platform, and the wheel.

With that being said, it does look super neat. This is another great air pump driven decoration, one which has the skeleton steering the wheel thanks to the air bubbles. This is also a benefit because it helps provide your goldfish with oxygen. Keep in mind, as has been the case with these decorations, the air pump is not included.

The Skeleton at the Wheel is made of fairly durable plastic and has a good paint job too. It’s not going to peel or come apart anytime soon, not to mention that nothing here is soluble in water and is perfectly fine to use in both saltwater and freshwater tanks.

It’s not very wide, but it is 6 inches tall, so it is best used for medium/small and medium tanks, or even for large ones, but maybe not for the very smallest of tanks.


  • Totally safe for fresh and saltwater.
  • Motion driven action.
  • Aerates the tank.
  • Fine for all but the smallest of tanks.


  • Requires an air pump – not included.
  • Maybe too big for very small tanks.
  • Wheel may detach at times.

You can check the current price on Amazon here

5. Small Treasure Chest

Something good about this Treasure Chest decoration is that it comes in at 3 x 2 x 2.5 inches, so it is ideal even for the smallest of goldfish tanks and can really be placed anywhere within the aquarium.

This is of course a treasure chest, one made with pretty decent plastic, one which has been painted quite nicely. All of the materials used here, including the paint, are ensured to be safe for all manners of fish tanks and won’t change the water chemistry.

Of course, the really neat part about this Small Treasure Chest is that it is an air bubble driven action chest. In other words, with the use of an air pump and tubing, this thing creates bubbles which cause the lid of the chest to open and close, revealing the pirate treasure within.

Yes, this does mean that you will need a small air pump and tubing to make it work. It’s small, it’s safe, it looks cool, and it has some neat motion features too. On a side note, it is a little lightweight, so you might want to find a way to secure it to the bottom.


  • Great for small tanks.
  • Air driven action.
  • Totally safe.


You can check the current price on Amazon here

Should I Add Driftwood And Plants To My Goldfish Tank?

Ok, so a goldfish might appreciate some driftwood and various plants because they look nice and will add a natural feeling to the tank. Yes, these things are present in goldfish environments in real life.

However, when it comes to a home aquarium, beware that some driftwood, especially the totally natural stuff that has not been treated, may leach some chemicals, specifically tannins into the water.

This will cause the pH level to become more acidic, so if you have untreated driftwood in the tank, you may need to use some water conditioners in order to keep the chemistry at an ideal level.

With that being said, most plants are totally fine for a goldfish tank (here is a list of our favorite 10 plants), and can in fact be beneficial because plants do provide minimal filtration and water oxygenation too.


As you can see, there are plenty of cool aquarium decorations to put in a goldfish tank. Yeah, all the ones we have looked at today are ones that require air pumps, but they do have the benefit of water oxygenation, plus they move too, which is pretty neat.

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