Best Betta Fish Tanks: Top 10 Reviews

Looking for the best betta fish tank and need some help? We have researched and put together a list of the top 10 options, each covered in great detail to help you decide on the right option for you and your betta.

As long as you pay attention to the features which a good tank for Betta fish should have, and if you follow our recommendations, you should have no problem keeping your fish and yourself satisfied with the cool tank options we have reviewed that we feel are some of the best betta fish tanks.

The thing with Betta fish is that they need a really good and appropriate sized tank in order to stay healthy, happy and alive. Luckily we have done all the research and homework for you so let’s look at what we feel are 10 of the best betta tanks and why (the MarineLand Portrait is our top pick).

MarineLand Portrait Aquarium Kit 5 Gallon 9.6/10
Marina LED Aquarium Kit 5 Gallon 9.4/10
Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit 5 Gallon 9.4/10
GloFish Aquarium Kit 5 Gallon 9.3/10
Tetra Crescent Aquarium Kit 5 Gallon 9.1/10

What Is The Best Size Tank For A Betta Fish?

Now, most people would usually say that a 2.5 gallon tank is enough to house a single Betta fish, which is technically true, but it is the absolute bare minimum.

With a 2.5 gallon tank, your Betta fish will have just enough room to swim around, but the space won’t be ample, it’s the Betta fish minimum tank size.

We personally would recommend getting a 3 or ideally a 5 gallon tank as it will provide your Betta fish with a little extra breathing room and a better overall life.

Don’t forget to give your Betta a cool name, we have covered a list of 600+ Betta names over at this article.

What We Think Is The Best Betta Fish Tank

Here is what we personally feel is the best tank option for Betta’s. It comes with more or less everything you need to get started.

MarineLand Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

In our opinion, the MarineLand Portrait Aquarium Kit is one of the best options to go with for any Betta fish. First off, it is a 5 gallon tank, the tank size that we personally would recommend for Betta fish, as it will give it some extra room to swim around. This is a glass aquarium, so it is quite strong and durable. It definitely won’t scratch up too bad, but with that being said, it is fairly heavy.

LED Lights

The MarineLand Kit comes with white and blue LED lights. There is a simple to use switch that you can use to choose between white and blue light for the day, blue light for the night, or simply turn it off too. It’s more than enough to add some decent illumination into the tank, but it is not the best for real plant growth.

Sure, it will make plants grow, but it’s not the best light ever. On a side note, the lights are located on a hinged top, which can be tilted up for easier access to the interior of the tank.


This particular aquarium kit also comes with a nice 3 stage filtration unit. It engages in all 3 major types of filtration including mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration.

Now, the filter is more than strong enough to handle a little 5 gallon tank, but keep in mind that it is not intended to be used if you plan on adding a whole lot of fish and plants into this tank though for a simple Betta set up it will certainly do the job well.

The filter is nice as it uses simple cartridge media that is easy to change. However, keep in mind that the filter is fairly small and narrow, which makes accessing and cleaning it a little difficult.

Overall Look

The Marineland Kit does look quite nice, as the filtration unit is hidden behind a black panel. The curved glass provides a 270 degree view of the tank which is pretty cool.

The black base which comes included helps make things look just a little bit nicer too. Here, you also get a sliding glass hood so fish stay where they are meant to be and so that debris does not find its way in.


  • Lots of space.
  • Decent filtration system included.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Decent lighting system included.
  • Easy to access thanks to the sliding hood.
  • Looks really nice, sleek, and stylish.
  • Glass is very scratch resistant.


  • Quite heavy.
  • Filtration unit cannot handle a heavily planted tank.
  • Seams might begin to leak after a while .

Click here to check the price at Amazon

9 More Of The Best Betta Tanks: Reviews

In case you are not a fan of our own top pick, let’s take a look at 9 other tank options that we feel also make for great options for Betta’s.

1. Marina LED Aquarium Kit (5 gallon)

This is one of the more unique betta fish tanks out there right now, as it is more rectangular than square, which you usually don’t find with betta tanks. We do like how this thing is made out of glass, as it does increase the aesthetic appeal of it, plus glass is quite strong and durable too, although a little bit heavier than we would usually prefer. It is a cool option because it allows for a 360 degree view of the tank’s interior.

The Marina Aquarium Kit comes with a nice black hood to keep fish in and debris out. The hood is easy to take off, and therefore provides easy access to the interior of the tank for cleaning and maintenance. It’s not the most durable or nicest looking hood in the world, but it gets the job done.

The hood here does feature a white light LED lighting system, which is nice for the daytime. However, do keep in mind that there is no blue light or night time lighting option here, just daytime.

A cool aspect of this particular 5 gallon betta tank is that it comes with an easy clip on filter. The filter itself is a slim clip on filter, which means that it takes up minimal space within the tank, always a big benefit. The filter itself is a 3 stage filter, so it engages in mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration, which is more than enough for a basic betta tank.

Once again, it can’t handle really heavily planted tanks, but it gets the job done if you keep things basic. The easy change cartridges do help make things a little easier in terms of changing media.

Coming in at 5 gallons, it will provide your Betta fish with more than enough room to be happy and healthy. What is also convenient here is that you get a bunch of high quality fish food, as well as some water conditioner to get you started. The only thing that you don’t get here is the fish itself.


  • Beautiful and durable glass.
  • 360 degree view.
  • Lots of space.
  • Filter does not take up much room.
  • Easy change filter cartridges.
  • Good daytime lighting.
  • Includes fish food and water conditioner.


  • No nighttime lighting.
  • LED bulbs are not very long lasting.
  • Filter cannot handle a heavily planted tank.
  • Quite heavy.

Click here to check the price at Amazon

2. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit (5 gallon)

This is in our opinion of the best Betta aquarium kit options. In terms of beauty, this is absolutely one of the sleeker and more stylish options out of our picks.

It is made with etched glass, which already looks nice, plus it features a cool shape that doesn’t hurt the eyes either. The nice black base and the way in which the filtration unit is hidden in a little concealed panel both help add to the aesthetic appeal of this tank.

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium comes with a convenient glass canopy that helps keep everything right where it is supposed to be. Also, it can be easily removed for quick feeding and simple maintenance. It’s not the most durable canopy in the world, but it works as advertised.

It does come with a super bright 37 LED lighting system, which is pretty cool. It’s a great option for daytime lighting, for adding a nice glow, and for plant growth too. However, keep in mind that they are all white lights, and with no blue lights included, it’s not the best option for night time lighting.

As stated in the name of the product, this is a 5 gallon tank, so there should be more than enough space for your Betta fish and some décor too. We do like the filtration unit here as it uses simple and easy to change cartridges for media changes.

Now, it is not the strongest ever filter and it cannot handle really heavily planted tanks, but it should work fine for a lightly planted Betta tank. The 3 stage filtration which this thing engages in is quite efficient. The filter is not the easiest to get to in order to maintain it, but that is only a minor drawback. At least it comes with the filter media included, which is a bonus.


  • Durable glass design.
  • Very sleek and good looking.
  • Bright lighting system.
  • Decent filtration unit included.
  • Good glass canopy for easy feeding and maintenance.
  • Filter media is included.


  • Filter is a little difficult to access.
  • No night time lighting.
  • Fairly heavy.
  • Not great for many plants.

Click here to check the price at Amazon

3. GloFishCrescent Aquarium Kit (5 gallon)

When it comes to cool Betta fish tanks, this is definitely one of the more noticeable options to go with. This is the first option on our list today which is made of acrylic, a type of plastic. Many people do like that it has a high level of impact resistance, that it is light, and that it does not distort the interior. However, a big drawback with acrylic tanks is that they do scratch fairly easily, which is of course not too ideal, so be careful with it.

With that being said, the GloFishCrescent Aquarium is one of the cooler looking Betta tank options out there. For one, it is designed to look like a half moon crescent, so it provides a really spectacular view of the interior at all times.

It has clear seams in the front so your view is not obstructed. It just looks quite sleep overall, which is always nice. It is specially designed to complement the fish on the inside, which is thanks in part to the awesome lighting system that this thing comes with.

This particular aquarium features a 15 blue light LED system. This is nice because it helps to make the fish glow, it provides some color, and it helps with illumination too. It’s especially nice for the night. However, there are no white lights included here, so, in terms of daytime lighting, it’s really not the best, as is also true in terms of plant growth.

But hey, at least this thing looks really nice, which seems to be the end goal here. The clear cover which the lights come mounted to keeps everything in place, it doesn’t hurt the eyes, and it has a convenient feeding hole too.

The GloFishCrescent Aquarium comes with a hidden whisper quiet filter. We do like how the filter is hidden from sight so it doesn’t kill the aesthetics here, plus it is very quiet, which is a big benefit in our eyes.

Now, this filter is a 2 stage filter which engages in both mechanical and biological filtration. In our opinion, while it is strong enough to deal with this 5 gallon tank, it could do with some chemical filtration. While not totally necessary, chemical filtration would help keep things a little cleaner in the long run.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Cool shape.
  • Really nice look.
  • Blue LED lights for a cool glow.
  • Decent filtration unit with easy change cartridges.
  • Decent hood is included.


  • Easy to scratch.
  • No white lights for the day.
  • No chemical filtration.

Click here to check the price at Amazon

4. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit (5 gallon)

This is yet another nice 5 gallon tank for Betta fish that you can consider. 5 gallons is lots of space for a single fish, which your Betta will appreciate. This is another acrylic option, or in other words, it is made of plastic, not glass. This is fine in terms of impact resistant and being lightweight.

However, do keep in mind that acrylic scratches fairly easily, so you do need to be careful with it. With that being said, this is a really nice looking tank, especially thanks to the crescent shape of it which helps to increase the viewing experience of the interior.

The Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium comes with a decent black hood, which helps keep your fish where they are meant to be. It comes with an easy to use feeding hole that makes life a little easier, plus it comes on hinges to provide for easy access to the interior.

The hood comes equipped with a very bright and energy efficient LED lighting system. The lights are only white, which is fine for daytime use, some plant growth, and general illumination. Yet, there is no good option for night time as there are no blue lights included here.

The Tetra Crescent Aquarium comes with a decent whisper quiet internal filtration system. It is fairly quiet, which is always nice to see. Moreover, the filtration system uses a simple media cartridge that is very easy to change. Here you get mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration to help ensure that your tank water stays clean and crystal clear.

With that being said, while the filter does work well enough, it is not intended for heavily planted tanks, plus it is not all that easy to access either. On the flipside, it is hidden so it does not take away from the aesthetic appeal of this aquarium.


  • Very good looking.
  • Hidden filtration system.
  • Fairly efficient 3 stage filter.
  • Good white LED lighting.
  • Decent hood with a feeding hole.
  • Lightweight and fairly durable.


  • Filter is not intended for heavily planted tanks.
  • No blue or night time lighting.
  • The tank scratches easily.

Click here to check the price at Amazon

5. Koller Panaview Aquarium Kit (5 gallon)

In terms of the view that you get of the interior of the tank, this is one of the better options to go with at this time. The Koller Panaview Aquarium is a seamless aquarium that has no seams in the front, therefore, there are no dead spaces where you cannot see the inside. The panoramic view of the interior is truly stunning here. The tank itself might not be the most beautiful of all, but the view of the interior is unparalleled.

This particular tank is made out of shatter resistant and super clear plastic, so it is both durable and good looking. However, as acrylic is easy to scratch, you do want to be fairly careful with the way that you handle this thing. The Koller Aquarium comes with a really powerful internal filter that is hidden from sight, so it does not disturb your fish or take away from the sleek look of the tank.

The filter is a great 3 stage filtration system that can process 45 gallons per hour. It is more than powerful and efficient enough to handle a heavily stocked tank. It’s not very quiet, but it certainly works.

This particular tank comes with a nice black hood to keep heat and fish in, to keep cats out, and it’s on hinges for easy access to the interior as well. One of the neatest parts about this tank is that it comes with a dazzling energy efficient LED lighting system.

Here, you can choose from 7 different colors including blue, white, red, green, and several others too. It is one of the better lighting systems in terms of color and a good look, but the illumination itself is not too bright or strong. All in all, this is a really beautiful Betta fish tank that is pretty easy to maintain.


  • Panoramic design for an awesome view.
  • Impact resistant acrylic build.
  • Awesome 3 stage filtration unit.
  • Unique multicolored LED lighting system.
  • Good hood.
  • Fairly easy to maintain.
  • Lots of space for fish.


  • Not very scratch resistant.
  • Not ideal for maximum illumination or plant growth.
  • The filter is a little loud.

Click here to check the price at Amazon

6. Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kit (5 gallon)

If you need a compact, space efficient, and good looking Betta fish tank starter kit, this is one of the better ways to go no doubt. The compact nature of it makes it great for smaller spaces like the office or a small study.

We do really like the look of this tank, as the clear acrylic provides a nice view of the interior. As well, you actually get a 360 degree view here, which is really nice. The acrylic build of this tank makes it lightweight, quite clear, and impact resistant too. However, as is the case with all acrylic tanks, it is not hard to scratch.

Something else we like about the Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium is that it comes with a great Aqueon QuietFlow Filtration unit. Being quiet is quite important when it comes to this kind of thing. The filtration unit is internal, so it takes up a bit of space, and it is not hidden from sight either, so it does not look all that nice.

However, with that being said, it is a very efficient 3 stage filtration unit that keeps the water clean and very clear. The cartridges make things easy because to replace media, simply insert a new cartridge into the filtration unit.

On a side note, the fact that this thing comes with some food samples and water conditioner samples is pretty helpful when it comes to getting started. This particular tank does also come with a nice LED lighting system. The built in hood keeps everything where it supposed to be.

Although it does not look spectacular, it gets the job done. Moreover, the hood comes with the LED lighting system built right into it. The lights are energy efficient white LED lights, which is decent for plant growth and daytime illumination. However, keep in mind that there are no blue lights included here, or other colors either, so it is not the best for night time illumination.


  • Great 360 degree view.
  • Lightweight and impact resistant.
  • Good filtration unit – easy to maintain.
  • Quiet filtration.
  • Hood with built in white LED lights.
  • Compact and space saving design.


  • Scratches easily.
  • Not good for night time illumination.
  • Filter does not exactly look the best.

Click here to check the price at Amazon

7. Fluval Chi II Aquarium Set (5 gallon)

This is definitely one of the more unique Betta tank options to go with. The Fluval Chi II Aquarium is made out of real glass, so it is quite strong, it does not scratch easily, and it looks very nice. However, it is quite heavy as it is real glass.

With that being said, this is definitely one of the nicer looking tanks as it provides a clear 360 degree view of the tank as there are no blacked out sides. Also, the filtration unit located in the middle with a neat little fountain looks pretty darn cool too.

In terms of the filter, it is a good 3 stage filtration unit that engages in mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. It is good enough for 1 Betta fish, but not really for much more.

While the filtration unit gets the job done for basic needs, and it is easy to maintain thanks to the easy change filter cartridges, it is not all that efficient. On that same note, the lack of longevity and the high noise level from the filtration unit are both drawbacks that could be improved upon.

A cool feature of the Fluval Chi is that it comes with a powerful 17 LED lighting unit, plus an upward facing light for a constant gentle glow. The LED lighting unit consists of all white lights, making it OK for plant growth and general illumination.

However, there is no good night time lighting option included here, which is something to think about. We do like the really sleek look of this thing, but in terms of lighting and filtration, it is not exactly the best option to go with. However, the compact design does make it a good choice for small spaces.


  • Good glass design.
  • High overall tank durability.
  • Great 360 degree view.
  • Really sleek and modern design.
  • 3 stage filtration.
  • Included cover with LED lights.


  • Quite heavy.
  • Filter is loud and not that great.
  • No good night time lighting .

Click here to check the price at Amazon

8. Tetra LED Cube Shaped Aquarium (3 gallon)

Now, this is the first 3 gallon Betta tank on our list today. As we said before, 3 gallons is good enough for a Betta fish, but it is a little tight. Your Betta fish might not have the most swimming room inside of this thing, but at least it is compact and saves space, making it a good option for a night table or a small office space.

Thanks to having a 360 degree view of the interior, it is a very nice looking tank. The glass is totally clear and transparent, as well as quite durable, so this particular tank is both nice looking and strong, but quite heavy too when compared to plastic options.

The Tetra Cube Aquarium does come with a decent canopy and hood to keep your fish exactly where it is supposed to be. The hood also comes equipped with an energy efficient LED lighting system. Now, this lighting system is pretty decent for what it is. It will provide decent basic illumination for your fish.

However, the lights are not all that strong, plentiful, and the only option here is white light. It does not come with blue light, so in terms of night time lighting, it is not exactly the best choice to go with. It’s also not awesome for plant growth.

The Tetra Aquarium does also feature a pretty good 3 stage whisper filtration unit. So, for one, the filter here is fairly quiet, which is always beneficial. Also, it engages in mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration, which is yet another bonus.

Overall, it is a pretty decent filtration unit that should be able to handle a Betta fish and a couple of plants with ease. However, do keep in mind that it is not meant for heavily planted tanks. On the upside, the filter is hidden from sight to preserve aesthetic appeal, plus the cartridges are easy to change, which is another big bonus.


  • Saves space.
  • Looks very sleek.
  • 360 degree panoramic view.
  • Quiet filtration.
  • Fairly good and easy to maintain filter.
  • Decent basic lighting.
  • Cool black pedestal included.


  • Filtration unit cannot handle heavily planted tanks.
  • Glass is heavy.
  • LED lights are only good for the day time.
  • Not exactly all that spacious.

Click here to check the price at Amazon

9. AquaView 360 (3 gallon)

Another very cool and unique to go with for Betta fish, this is the other 3 gallon option on our list. While it does look very nice, especially thanks to the totally round and 360 viewable design of this tank, it does not have ample interior space for your Betta fish.

It should be big enough, but things might be a little tight. You definitely won’t be adding too many plants into this thing. With that being said, it is a space saver, plus one of the best looking small tanks that you could go with.

The impact and super clear glass used here provides a nice view of the interior, plus it is quite durable and lightweight too. However, do keep in mind that acrylic scratches easily, so be careful with it to keep it in good condition. Another neat part about the AquaView 360 is that it comes with a dazzling 7 color LED lighting system with a time.

It’s a great option for providing some sparkle and some cool colors for the tank. It certainly looks nice. With that being said, the lights are neither very durable nor efficient, but they can be programmed to come on when you want them to, which is nice.

This particular tank comes with a Tetra Whisper XS filter which is actually a really small 3 stage filtration unit. It can handle around 25 gallons of water per hour, making it quite efficient, and being a 3 stage filter helps ensure crystal clear water.

With that being said, this filter does not feature the highest level of durability or longevity around, but it gets the job done for the time being. The filter is quite well hidden from sight, so that is a bonus. The filter is also fairly quiet, which is also nice.


  • Extremely nice looking.
  • Cool colored LED lights.
  • 360 degree view of the interior.
  • Decent filtration unit – well hidden.
  • Filter is very quiet.
  • Pretty good acrylic design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Space saver.


  • Acrylic scratches easily.
  • Filtration unit is not the most durable.
  • Not great for plant growth.
  • Not too spacious.

Click here to check the price at Amazon

Betta Aquarium FAQ

Let’s just quickly go over some of the most important frequently asked questions about Betta fish and their tanks, just so you know what to expect.

How To Setup A Betta Fish Tank?

This video covers a good overview of how to setup a Betta tank the right way;

How Long Do Betta Fish Live In A Tank?

Betta fish are not the most long living fish on the planet. However, if you give them a good home with lots of space, stable conditions, clean water, and good food, they should live for a minimum of 2 years.

If you take really good care of the Betta fish, it can live for as long as 3 or even 3.5 years.

Do Betta Fish Grow To The Size Of Their Tank?

No, not really, while there is some evidence and speculation that this can sometimes be the case, there is no solid proof that this phenomenon is real when it comes to Betta fish.

While the size of the tank should not really affect the overall size of the Betta fish, it does influence its health and happiness. Either way, a Betta fish will max out at about 2.25 inches in length.

Do You Need A Filter For A Betta Fish?

Some people say that Betta fish are very hardy and because they live in fairly dirty water in the wild, they don’t need filters. Well, in the wild, they only live in murky rice paddies for a part of the year, but usually they actually live in fairly clear water.

While a filter is not 100% necessary for the survival of the Betta fish, it does help in terms of keeping the tank clean and keeping your Betta fish healthy. We would definitely recommend having a filter in your Betta fish tank.

Do You Need A Heater For A Betta Fish?

Yes, you will probably need a heater for your Betta fish tank. The Betta fish likes the water to be between 78 and 80 degrees (25.5 to 26.5 Celsius). Now if you live in a really warm place where the air is usually warm or even hotter than the recommend temperature for a Betta, you won’t need a heater.

However, for all other circumstances, such as if you live in a cold climate, you will need a heater to keep the water at the ideal temperature for Betta fish (we have covered some Aquarium Heater Reviews here).

Do Betta Fish Like Plants In Their Tank?

Yes, Betta fish absolutely love plants to be in their tank. They like submerged plants as well as some plants that are on the sides of the tank. Betta fish like to get some privacy and relaxation by hiding under or behind plants.

They like to have fun by swimming through things, and they actually like to sleep while resting on fairly large leaves too. Some good plants are a must have for any Betta tank.

Do I Need Substrate?

You will need to find some good substrate for your tank. We would recommend going with either aquarium gravel or aquarium dirt for planting (more on substrates over at this article).

The gravel is probably better because it will make less of a mess than the dirt, plus it won’t make the water cloudy either. If you are worried about your plants, you can always add liquid nutrients into the water.

How To Decorate A Betta Fish Tank?

Besides the plants that we just talked about, there are a couple of other things that should adorn your Betta fish tank. For one, use some simple fine gravel substrate to form a bottom layer in the tank.

Also, some small pieces of driftwood to swim through and behind are a good idea. Some rocks and rock caves are nice too, as Betta fish like to play, hide, and swim around a lot.

How To Make A Betta Tank Divider?

Get some fine mesh that is hard to see through. Measure your tank at cut the mesh down to size so it is as wide as the tank. Use some kind of plastic, such as the spines from binders, and use aquarium glue to attach them to either side of the mesh.

The mesh needs to be fairly hard and stiff so it won’t move in the tank. Once you have attached the spines to the mesh, simply slide the divider into the tank. To make thing easier, you can always but a Betta tank divider too.

Betta’s are known for attempting to fight one another, so dividers are only really needed if you are looking at housing more than one Betta.

Can A Betta Fish Live In A 10 Gallon Tank?

Yes, absolutely they can live in a 10 gallon tank. Generally speaking, the more room you provide your fish with, the happier they will be. You do have to account for added filtration, but other than that, there is no reason why they cannot live in a larger tank.

Betta Environment

Betta fish are pretty sensitive to their environment and they need very specific water conditions and that means that they need a good filtration system.

Furthermore, Betta fish are not the strongest swimmers so any tank you get should have minimal water flow and a light current, but not too strong.

Betta fish do also like to hide in or behind things, so it is wise to get some rocks, decorations, and pieces of drift wood to keep them satisfied.

Feeding Information & Tips

We recently put together a guide on Betta Fish feeding information and tips which you might also find helpful, you can find it here.


We hope that we have helped you with your search for the best betta fish tank (the MarineLand Portrait kit is our top pick) and given you a good idea of what’s needed to properly look after a Betta, they are beautiful fish so they certainly deserve a beautiful and cool tank.

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