Best Pellet Food For Betta Fish

If you need help finding the best pellet food for Betta Fish then this article will help you, we cover our top 5 food picks that we feel are great options so you can make sure your Betta is healthy and happy.

Betta fish usually are not all that picky, but that does not mean that you can feed them just anything. You need to feed them food that will provide them with everything they need to be happy and healthy. Meeting a betta fish’s dietary requirements is crucial to survival.

So, today we are here to look at the best pellet food for betta fish (this is our top pick). We have put together a list our top 5 options with a summary overview of what each one offers.

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Ocean Nutrition Our Top Pick 9.6/10
TetraBetta PLUS Good for enhancing color 8.5/10
Hikari Bio-Gold Floating food 8.4/10

What We Think Is The Best Pellet Food For Betta Fish

Let’s take a good look at our top pick. In terms of the taste and nutrition, this one is definitely one of the top contenders in our opinion.

Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food

First off, Ocean Nutrition Atison’s Betta Food is made with fresh and high quality ingredients, so you know that your betta fish is getting a healthy meal every day. This particular formula consists of fish meal, cereal meals, krill, minerals, and vitamins.

In other words, it will provide your betta fish with a great mix of nutrition to meet its dietary needs without question. The ingredients in this stuff are shown to have several beneficial effects such as reducing the signs of aging and keeping various types of infections at bay.

Many people also like this stuff because it is shown to make your betta fish much brighter and enhance its colors. Another thing that people seem to appreciate about Ocean Betta food is that it does not cause the water to become cloudy. On a side note, this food can also be used for paradise fish and gouramis.

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4 Other Options We Also Like

In case you are not a huge fan of our first option for the best pellet food for betta fish, you can always take a look at any of these 4 other options, all of which are also more than adequate.

1. TetraBetta PLUS Mini Pellets

As the name implies, this food is made for tetra fish, however both the tetra and betta fish have more or less the same dietary requirements, so this stuff will work just fine. They are specifically designed for both betta and tetra fish.

These mini pellets have the right mix of protein, vitamins, and nutrients to provide your betta fish with a healthy diet and a strong immune system. These pellets are very rich in carotene, which is great for enhancing the colors on your betta fish.

These pellets are also very rich in protein and fatty acids, which is exactly what betta fish need survive and thrive. These will also not cloud the water, which is something we can all appreciate.

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2. Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets

One of the standout features of the Hikari Betta pellets is that they are made to float in the water, which is great because it allows you to easily monitor how much food your fish has eaten.

Just like the other options on our list, these are made with a great mix of proteins, minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins in order to meet the exact dietary needs of your betta fish.

Another cool feature of Hikari Betta pellets is that they are made to help stop the color on your betta fish from fading while also actively making the existing colors much brighter. There is also claims that the ingredients in Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets are even shown to reduce the effects of aging.

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3. New Life Spectrum Betta Formula

New Life Spectrum Betta Formula is specifically designed to meet the dietary needs of your betta fish. It contains a healthy mix vitamins, minerals, and proteins to make sure that your betta has a strong immune system and all of the nutrients it needs to be happy and healthy.

This stuff is shown to help ward off bacterial infections and parasitic infections while also reducing the signs of aging. New Life Spectrum Betta Formula is also specially designed to maximize the coloring and the brightness of your fish for a really nice look.

On a side note, New Life Spectrum is made in the USA, something we can all surely appreciate. These are semi-floating pellets, so they will sink down, but only very slowly.

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4. Aqueon Betta Pellets

Aqueon Betta Pellets are specially designed small to make sure you don’t overfeed your betta fish. Some of the main ingredients include shrimp, krill, other seafood, and a whole lot of vitamins and minerals. If you are looking for betta food with a good mix of nutrients to meet the dietary needs of your betta fish, Aqueon Betta Pellets are definitely a good option to consider.

They are made with fresh and safe ingredients that your fish will love. Just like other betta foods, this stuff is made to be color enhancing, plus it won’t cloud up the aquarium either. These pellets contain no artificial colors or preservatives.

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A Few Important Things To Look Out For

Before you go out and buy betta food, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Does the food have the right mix of ingredients to provide your betta fish with everything to meet its dietary requirements.
  • Does the food have agents in it which will help to increase the coloring and brightness of your betta fish?
  • Does the food contain natural and healthy ingredients? Is it loaded with artificial colors and preservatives?
  • Does the food float or does it sink?

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In terms of the best pellet food for betta fish, we feel that you cannot go wrong with the above 5 suggestions but there are lots of other good options, just make sure you do your research and get the right food so you Betta stays healthy and happy.

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