Live Plants For Betta Fish: Best 10 Options

We cover what we feel are the 10 best live plants for betta fish, each covered in detail to give you some decent options for your tank.

An aquarium is a really cool thing to have and betta fish even more so, but you can’t have just fish in there. Your betta fish tank needs some plants to liven it up, make it look pretty, and give your betta fish some entertainment too. So, what are the best live plants for betta fish? Let’s get to it and talk about what we feel are the best 10 options for your betta tank.

Why Are Live Plants Good For Betta Fish?

There are several different good reasons why you should put some live plants in your betta tank. First and foremost, some live plants just look really nice and they definitely add to the serenity of your fish tank.

Java Fern Easy to grow 9.7/10
Java Moss Good hiding plant for Betta’s 9.5/10
Amazon Frogbit Provides needed shade 9.3/10
Betta Balls Cool toy for Betta’s 9.2/10

Moreover, plants can act as a partial filter and can do a decent job at absorbing unwanted chemicals in the water, thus acting as a water purifying agent and absorbing bad things in the water. Next, depending on the plant, the betta fish may actually nibble at it too.

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Do Betta Fish Need Plants?

Yes, Betta fish love plants because it gives them something to swim in and around, it gives them a hiding spot, and it helps to mimic their natural environment too.

There are many different reasons to add live plants in with your aquarium to give your betta fish the environment that they need and the home that they deserve.

If you are wondering what plants do Bettas like? then don’t worry as we have covered our top 10 list below;

If you do need some betta tank suggestions then this post will help you out.

10 Best Live Plants For Betta Fish Tanks

Here are some of the best live plants to add into your betta fish tank,

1. Java Fern

The java fern is a great plant for your betta tank, mainly because it does well in virtually the same water parameters as the betta fish.

It requires about the same amount of lighting, the same water temperature, pH level, and other similar parameters too. These things are actually very easy to grow as well.

You can actually pluck out some leaves off of the main plant, let them float around in the water, and chances are high that it will sprout into a very new plant on its own.

One thing to keep in mind with java ferns is that you need to make sure not to plant them too deep. Their rhizome should in no circumstance be buried under the substrate; only what is brown, the roots, should be buried.

These things do grow pretty fast, but they are known to float around. To stop them from floating around you can always tie them down to some driftwood or a rock with some fishing line.

The java fern makes for a cool hiding spot for your betta fish no doubt, plus it is good for filtering your aquarium water too.

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2. Java Moss

Java moss is yet another cool plant to have in your betta tank and probably one of our favorite betta aquarium plants.

First of all it is a really nice looking plant that will add some beauty and elegance to the aquarium. Moreover, betta fish may nibble on java moss, they like to hide under it, and swim around it for fun.

Next, java moss is probably the easiest to take care of when it comes to plants that you can add to your betta fish tank.

Java moss can handle pretty much any water parameters, within reason of course. It does fine in various pH levels, sunlight levels, and other parameters.

Sure, there are ideal parameters which will help it grow better, but changing parameters will not necessary spell the death of your java moss. The only thing that needs paying attention to is the water temperature.

Java moss technically does like cooler water, but a betta tank that is between 78 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit will do just fine.

Just like with the java fern, make sure to not plant the java moss with the rhizome below the substrate as this will most likely kill it.

Just like with the fern, the moss can be attached to something with some fishing line, or if you do choose to bury it, just make sure that the rhizome is above the substrate. These things grow fairly fast so you will probably want to trim them fairly often.

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3. Amazon Frogbit

Amazon Frogbit is another great plant to have in your betta tank. Unlike the first 2 options which are both submerged, Amazon frogbit is kind of like a lily pad in the sense that it has big flat leaves which float on top of the water.

Keep in mind that your betta fish does need to go to the surface so you need to make sure that there is not too much of the frogbit.

The floating leaves, if there are too many of them can obstruct the betta fish from getting to the surface and it can also block out the light.

This is mainly because the betta fish has something called a Labyrinth which sucks oxygen out of the air, an organ that cannot be covered up by the frogbit.

Other than that, frogbit is fairly easy to take care of. As long as they have good nutrients and regular sunlight it will do just fine.

Betta fish do like the sun, but sometime they like shade, something that these floating lily pad-like plants can definitely provide, plus they give your betta fish a nice hiding spot too.

The water parameters are not all that important as long as they are fairly stable. Another thing to note is that snails do like to eat the underside of Amazon frogbit.

To keep snails away simply move the frobit to the center of the aquarium so the snails can’t climb onto it from the sides of the fish tank.

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4. LUFFY Betta Balls

These things are pretty cool to have in your betta tank. For one, they are extremely easy to maintain.

As long as they have some fresh water, some good light, and some nutrients to absorb, they will do just fine, especially because a betta tank should already have all of those things inside.

Other than that, when you change the water in your tank, just make sure to take out the betta balls and give them a bit of a squeeze to remove pollutants that have built up.

That being said, these things make for excellent water filters as they are great at absorbing unwanted chemicals and extra nutrients that your fish don’t need.

This comes in handy because the betta balls act as a water filter, plus they absorb many of the same nutrients that algae needs to grow, thus stopping excessive algae growth in its tracks.

Moreover, the betta balls make a really great toy for your betta fish. Betta fish like to swim around and more so they like to move things around.

These things are pretty light so your fish should have fun pushing them around. To be clear, these are real plants and they are known as Marimo moss balls.

There is also the fact that these Betta Balls look really neat too and add a unique flare to any aquarium.

On a final note, these things are really neat because you can break them into chunks, roll them back into balls, and all of the smaller individual pieces will still continue to grow making them a good plants for betta fish bowls.

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5. Hornwort

Hornwort is also a good choice for your betta tank. First off, this stuff is fairly easy to maintain as it can handle virtually the same water parameters as are already in place for your betta fish.

As long as they get some nutrients and light they should do just fine. Aside from that, these plants can get very long and flow around your aquarium, kind of taking it over in the process.

However all you need to do is to trim the offshoots down to control its size. Also take note that Hornwort will shed nettles which float to the bottom.

If these nettles are left at the bottom they will rot and pollute your water, so they do need to be cleaned out on a fairly regular basis.

Hornwort is great not only because it looks nice and is fairly easy to maintain, but also because it gives the betta fish, especially the newborn fry a good place to hide and provides for good cover from sunlight and other elements. It’s a really nice plant for any aquarium!

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6. Amazon Sword Plant

Yet another good betta fish tank plant option to go with is the Amazon Sword Plant. This plant can come in various shapes and sizes, but the most common one has long flat leaves that protrude from the base and is found in the Amazon River basin.

This actually makes them very resilient to changing water conditions because different times of year will affect the Amazon river in various ways.

Things like sunlight, water flow, and other water parameters are not that important. As long as the water parameters are not ridiculously skewed in any direction, the Amazon Sword Plant will be just fine.

These things do have long roots, so they do need to be rooted in dome fairly deep substrate of at least 3 inches in depth, plus some fertilizer is a pretty good idea too.

The big and long leaves look really nice when they flow around in the water, and they also provide for a good play are as well as decent cover for your betta fish.

This is an easy to take care of plant that looks look, one that your betta fish will love. Plus, it is a plant so it will help to filter out your water too.

7. Ancharis

Ancharis, is a great choice indeed. One of the things that makes this plant so awesome is that you can choose to let it float around freely in the aquarium, and you can also choose to plant it in the substrate.

This means that the Ancharis is fantastic for aquariums that have virtually any kind of substrate or even none at all.

However, the roots can take a fairly long time to grow, so making them stay in one place can be a little difficult, but you can always try tying them down with some fishing line, just do it gently.

This is a long, green, and flowing plant, kind of like a wispy fern, so a cool way to grow them is by letting them creep up one of the sides or the back of the aquarium, letting them cover a wall.

This will give your betta fish a cool little area where they can swim through and hide in, plus it just looks really cool too. These things also do a pretty decent job at filtering out the water.

Ancharis can get pretty big, but that can easily be taken care of with regular trimming. Finally, these aquarium plants are fairly resilient and can handle various water parameters, especially those necessary for a betta tank.

8. Anubias Nana

This is a fairly short plant that will grow to around 7.5 inches in height. It features a fairly slow growth rate and is easy to trim down to size, thus ensuring that it doesn’t take your tank over in just a couple of weeks.

Due to its size and growth rate, Anubias Nana is an ideal midground and foreground plant, although there is no reason why you could not use it as a background plant as well.

Anubias Nana features round and broad leaves which can help provide your betta with some privacy, plus these plants aren’t too bad at filtering certain elements out of the water either.

This plant only requires low to moderate lighting, with a water temperature between 72 and 82 degrees, and a pH level between 6 and 7.5.

All in all, this is an easy to care for plant that makes for a great addition to any Betta fish tank.

9. Wisteria

Wisteria is another plant that can make for a great addition to any Betta fish tank. This is a fairly large and fast growing plant. It can easily grow to 20 inches in height when not trimmed.

What’s nice is that Wisteria can be planted in a substrate, and it can be used as a carpeting plant as well. This means that it can be placed in all locations in the tank, whether the front, back, or middle.

This is a really nice green plant with long, pointed, and green leaves, thus providing some good cover and privacy.

Most people enjoy having some Wisteria in the tank because it is a very hardy plant that is super easy to care for.

Yes, it does require moderate to high lighting, it needs the water to be between 70 and 82 degrees, with a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5, but if you meet these conditions, keeping Wisteria alive and healthy should not be an issue.

10. Vallisneria

This final betta fish tank plant on our list is Villasneria. If you are looking for a great carpeting plant that will spread around your tank, Vallisneria is a good option to keep in mind.

You can plant this stuff in a single corner and it will quickly spread out. Keep in mind that Vallisneria is also known as tape grass or eelweed.

It looks like long and thick grass, kind of like a mix between normal grass and sea grass. In other words, it can help create a nice underwater lawn in your Betta tank.

The plant does not grow too quickly, although the blades of grass, so to speak, can reach about 20 inches in height, so you may need to trim it on occasion to keep it in check, and because of this, it makes for a good background plant.

One of the best aspects of Vallisneria is that it is super hardy and tolerant of many conditions. It does grow best with lots of light, but can survive just fine in low light too.

It can survive in both cool and warm water, and the pH level is mostly irrelevant too (as long as pH is between 6 and 9).


Don’t get it wrong, these are by far not the only aquarium plants that you can put in your betta tank, but they certainly are some of the best options in our opinion.

All of the plants we have listed are fairly easy to maintain, resilient to various water parameters, and they each provide some kind of benefit to your betta fish as well as the aquarium in general, that are also what we feel are plants safe for betta fish.

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